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Crayon Calendar guidelines
July 20, 2011

The guild calendar is a pretty neat tool and any Crayon can go up to it and add an event; but, this is a warning to please don’t abuse this. If we see anyone using it for things it’s not supposed to be used for, we’ll take away this privilege and you’d have to get your event checked up with Amanda or other Jr. Masters. So please review what goes on the calendar and what doesn’t go on. After reading this, you’d think “well, Jinjoo…”

Yeah, I agree. Most of this is common sense, but sadly most of our rules is because someone had a…*ahem* moment. ;x


-Guild events such as bossing, training, or general guild get-together events.

-Server Checks and other official Maplestory events.

-Guild Birthdays (only if you want it on there. Nobody should put someone else’s birthday; if you want your birthday on there, you should do it yourself. Reason is, some people like their birthday secret so even if you know their birthday, don’t put it on there. Let them put it on there.)


-Your personal projects and other stuff. Only Maplestory and Crayon related events here. If you want to do this, get your own calendar ;x

-Your FM selling dates. The calendar is not the FM, so don’t use this to promote your wares.

If you have doubts if an event fits the criteria, just ask one of the Jr.s or Amanda about it.

Format and other things to remember

-Please put a description. Don’t care how short it is, just put it up there.

-Please put your name or ign at the end of your description.

-Don’t assume everyone in the guild will know your event, ESPECIALLY if you put it 1 hour before your scheduled event. Use some common sense on this and gently remind people of your event, without spamming or nagging about it.

With all due respect,