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Maple Art Commission Sale!
October 26, 2011

REVAMP SOON! I’m making the price guide easy to look at, however the prices will/will not change. If you talked to me and I told you a price for the art you requested (there was only three people on this) then that price stays unless I made the price cheaper, then the cheaper price will go through. I can only tell you that instead of Maple Art commissions, it will converge into actual commissions where you pay with Paypal. You can still use items from the list to barter with, but I will no longer be using mesos or NX as transaction.

^_^ JinJoo’s Maple Art Commissions ^_^

Art for you!

If you haven’t heard…

An innocent scroll scrubbed my crappy Elemental Wand 5 nice and clean! 😀

Trouble is, I lack the GM/WS/etc to make it pro.

So here’s the deal: even though my 50% off sale is over, Galicians can still get a deal if you provide certain items. Call it the, I-Need-It Sale or something…blagh.

So how’s it going to work? If you provide any of these items, I can shave off 50% off the total price (and your payment will include the value of the item provided). Just bring it in and see how much credit you can get! Plus, if you bring in a White Scroll, but wanted a full body, it will still be 50% if you pay the rest with mesos.

But yeah, there are limitations. They have to be on the list and I can only take a certain amount of some of the listed items. Like Maple Warrior 20, if it passes, I don’t need it anymore and it’ll be taken off the list.

If you’re in other servers, the only payment I can take are 10 attack Work Gloves (u/h, no pot, no EE).

Here’s the list of items I need. Remember, except for the Work Gloves, this only applies to the server Galicia. I will update this list if any changes are made:

-White Scrolls
-GM Wand Scrolls (limited)
-Super Miracle Cubes
-10 attack Work Gloves (u/h, no pot, no enhancements)
-Maple Warrior 20 (limited)
-Maple Warrior 30 (limited)

Even I don’t know when this sale will end so…



You know you want to. :O

Contact info:

Examples of my work

Past Commissions



Hushes and Quickbless

annababe540 and Hero0fMyTime

SubAssist and StarI0v3

Hero0fmytime concept One of the top paintings for BasilMarket for this month of February (see here)


-Pencil Sketch: 150m

-Color Sketch: 200m

Full Color prices:

-Portrait: 250m

–Just the head and down to the chest. A simple representation of your character

-Full Body: 400m

–Your full body in any pose.

-Environment: 350m.

–Only this or plus this with your character (costs does add). This is optional, you can just have a plain background with your character if you don’t want to have an environment.

I usually take payment first before I draw. I also can keep contact with you through the forum PM’s. If you have anymore questions, contact me. When I upload, I make a note to whom it got commissioned and a watermark. You get sent a picture without the watermark and the note. Thank you for reading! 😀

~Jinjoo ^_^