Fundamentals Rant

These days, I’ve been hitting the books on fundamentals. What exactly are they? Lines, Shadows, Textures, Anatomy, etc. Although my work is quite stylized, there has been major improvements once I studied the basics. I still have a lot to learn, but I ain’t gonna give up yet! :iconchallengeacceptedplz:

So why go for the Fundamentals? It’s just boring spheres and doing still lifes ;x. I cannot say otherwise, but if you want to improve your art then going for the fundamentals and studying real life is the way to go. There’s quite a difference from a flat-looking Anime piece to something that looks like it has life breathed into it.

My crappy work from ages past


  Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias’s awesome elf piece

Definitely a difference, yeah?

Tutorials can only get you so far because they only show you how to do something in the Artist’s style, not why it looks awesome. I can compare Fundamentals to having a good foundation. If you don’t have that foundation, it will tumble.

But I also got to warn you about applying too much of the fundamentals. They are rules to guide your work, but not to reign over it.. I remember studying Renoir. He created wonderful, vibrant pieces at first, but then he decided to focus more on the fundamentals and in my opinion, it lost its life. ([link] was one of his older works and his older work (WARNING: Nudity) [link] ) If you focus too much on the rules, your art will look stiff and lifeless.

So did I just confuse you? I hope not, but I’ll just repeat what others have been saying: You learn the rules of art just so you know how to break them better. Fair enough? XD


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